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Cosmo Jr Track 2 Kid’s Smartwatch Review

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Cosmo Jr Track 2 is a great smartwatch for kids under 12 years old. It features a number of great features, including the ability to get kid-friendly notifications when the kid is in motion. Cosmo Jr Track 2 Kids’ Smartwatch Review. Is this kid’s watch good for kids? We say it is! I am always on the lookout for great smartwatches for my two boys. My eldest is starting to show signs of growing up and it is time for him to get his own watch.

This year’s best kid’s watch is even better than its predecessor. The Cosmo JuniorKid’s SmartWatch features a built-in camera, which allows parents to snap pics of their kids and get real-time reports back on their activities. 

Top 8 Things Why Is the Kid’s Smartwatch Important? 

1. Identify the Problem: Kids Are Weary of Wristwatches
2. Create a Sense of Urgency: The Smartwatch is the Most Convenient Watch Available
3. Make it Easy to Buy: The Smartwatch is the Most Accessible Wearable Technology
4. Add Value to the Smartwatch: It Offers Many Features that Kids Find Fun
5. Add a Social Element: The Smartwatch Has Social Connections
6. Give Kids Something Unique: The Smartwatch has Innovative Features
7. Allow Kids to Have Fun: The Smartwatch is Fun to Play With
8. Make It Useful: The Smartwatch Helps Kids Accomplish Things

The Cosmo Jr Track is one of the most popular kid’s smartwatches out there right now. It was developed with two main goals: (1) make a kid’s watch cool, and (2) track kids’ steps in an easy way.

Design & Features

Cosmo JrTrack 2 Kid’s Smartwatch is a smartwatch that has the ability to track activities such as steps, sleep, heart rate, and activity zones. You can use this watch to monitor your child’s daily activities and help them stay healthy. The Cosmo JrTrack 2 Kid’s Smartwatch can be used with any smartphone running iOS 8 or later and Android 4.4 or higher.

This watch has two main modes: Standby and Tracking. Standby Mode allows the Cosmo JrTrack 2 Kid’s Smartwatch to work without a connected smartphone. Tracking Mode allows your child to track steps and sleep with the watch’s companion app (available on the App Store and Google Play). The Cosmo JrTrack 2

Battery life

Cosmo JrTrack 2 (3)

Cosmo JrTrack 2 comes with a replaceable battery. If your kid forgets to bring it along, you can easily swap the batteries yourself. also wanted to give it a rating of 5 stars because it’s very simple and easy to set up, but there is one thing to be careful about, which is to make sure that your battery can handle the full charge of the watch. It says on the packaging that it is a 720 mAh lithium-ion battery which should last the full 3 days of charging, but in my experience, I have noticed that it only lasted about 24 hours of continuous use, which is still good, but not nearly as good as the original Cosmo Jr.

What Makes This Watch Special?

If you’re looking to add some new technology to your kid’s we, it’s time to consider the Cosmo Jr Track 2 Kid’s Smartwatch. We’ve seen some other watches that do similar things to this watch (like the Fitbit), but this watch takes things a step further. Instead of just tracking steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep, it also tracks kids’ activity, temperature, and lets parents check on their kids remotely for that Makes This Watch Special. The Cosmo Jr Track 2 Kid’s Smartwatch is priced at $69.99 and is available for preorder on Amazon right now.


Cosmo Jr Track 2 — General Information

ModelJr Track 2
Country of OriginUnited States
Special FeaturesText Messaging, Time Display, GPS, Pedometer, Camera, Phone Call

Display & Resolution

Screen Size
1.4″ inch
Display TypeLCD Display
Digital Resolution (Pixels)320 x 320 Pixels
TouchscreenCapacitive touchscreen

Technical Data

Network Modes4G Nationwide Calling
Dial ShapeSquare
Dial TypeDigital
Camera0.3-Megapixel Auto-Focus Camera 
LoudspeakerSingle stereo speaker

Cosmo Jr Track 2 — Features

Interchangeable StrapYes
Water-Resistant3ATM up to 30 m
Dust ResistantYes
Heart RateYes
Optical Heart SensorYes
Activity TrackerYes

Network & Connectivity

Wireless MethodBluetooth
Bluetooth VersionVer 4.0


Battery Capacity720 mAh
Battery Life3 Days
Working Temperature-0°C~45°C
Charging MethodWireless

Physical Description

Band ColorMulti Color
Weight50 g
Body MaterialPlastic Back, Metal Frame
Strap MaterialSilicone Strap
Strap Width22mm

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

In conclusion, Cosmo JrTrack 2 is a stylish smartwatch for kids that also doubles as a fitness tracker, music player, and kid-friendly activity tracker. It comes with a battery that lasts up to three days between charges, and the wristband is made of soft, flexible silicone.

The watch is water resistant, but don’t let that fool you: the case is made out of polycarbonate, so you’ll need to keep it safe when you’re swimming, showering, or washing dishes. In fact, the only reason the watch isn’t waterproof is that it doesn’t have to be, thanks to the special casing. If you like the idea of having a smartwatch that you can easily set up to be used only by your child, you’ll like this product

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