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Fitbit Ace 3 Kids Smartwatch – The Best Smartwatch Under 100

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One of the most innovative smartwatches on the market, Fitbit Ace 3 Kids Smartwatch provides kids with a fun way to keep track of their daily activities, track and chart their fitness progress, as well as receive notifications, reminders, texts, emails, and more! The Fitbit Ace 3 Kids Smartwatch is the best smartwatch under $100 for kids and it comes in four colors to match your child’s wardrobe. It’s designed to be used by kids ages 4 to 12. A smartwatch for kids can be used to track fitness activities, but can also be a learning tool for children. We found Fitbit Ace 3 Kids Smartwatch to be the best smartwatch under 100. Fitbit Ace 3 Kids Smartwatch provides your kid a perfect way to track fitness, sleep, and activity and even communicate with you via smartphone or tablet.


Fitbit Ace 3 is a smartwatch with a GPS fitness tracker, built-in heart rate monitor, and multi-sport exercise tracking. It is the third generation smartwatch launched by Fitbits, which includes three different colors, orange, red and black. It is powered by the Android 4.4.2 operating system, which is the latest version of Android OS, based on Google’s wearable operating system, Wear OS. The Ace 3 comes with IP68 water and dust resistance, which means it can survive up to 50 minutes in 1 meter of water. It supports Bluetooth 4.2 technology and can be paired with iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, or PC.

Your smartwatch will let your kids do all kinds of things without you having to carry your phone everywhere you go. From calling for rides home to telling parents about the party they’re attending, the Ace 3 kids smartwatch does it all. It has an easy-to-read, large display so your kids can see and understand the information displayed.

There are 3 colors and 5 different strap options, all designed to fit kids’ small wrists perfectly. Parents can control which apps are allowed on their kid’s device, monitor activity, and sleep, track food and water intake, and get alerts when their kid falls and needs to be picked up. It also comes with an SOS button, and parents can use it to call 911, text friends, and access important info on the fly.


Fitbit Ace 3 — General Information  

ModelAce 3
TypeFitbit Ace 3
Country of OriginUnited States
Special FeaturesSaves 7 days of detailed motion data – minute by minute Saves daily Totals for the past 30 Bays

Display & Resolution

Screen Size0.96″ inch
Display TypePMOLED Display
Digital Resolution (Pixels)72 x 128
TouchscreenSmart Split Screen

Technical Data

Cellular NetworkYes
Dial ShapeRectangular
Dial TypeDigital
Operating SystemiPhone; Android

Fitbit Ace 3 — Features

Interchangeable StrapYes
Dust ResistantYes
Sleep TrackingYes
Sensors3-Axis Accelerometer
Optical Heart SensorN/A
Activity TrackerYes

Network & Connectivity

Wireless MethodBluetooth
Bluetooth VersionVer 4.2


Battery CapacityLi-Po 91 mAh
Battery Life8 Days
Working Temperature-20°C~45°C
Charging MethodUSB

Physical Description


Black/Racer Red, Blue Astro Green, Yellow
Band ColorBlack/Racer Red
Weight19.3 g
Band MaterialSilicone
Case MaterialPlastic

This is the best kids’ smartwatch for under 100$.

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The smartwatch market is still very young, but it’s growing fast. According to a report published in September 2015 by the NPD Group, global smartwatch shipments reached 9.8 million units in 2014, up 46 percent from 2013. And the research firm estimates that worldwide shipments will hit 23 million units this year, up from 13.4 million inKids’ watches are a dime a dozen nowadays.

From Apple Watches to fitness trackers, you can’t go anywhere without seeing another kid wearing something that looks similar to this little guy. What sets this watch apart is its built-in pedometer, speaker, and music player. What’s more, it even comes with some useful fitness features. And, in case your kid isn’t into being too techy, you can customize the display to show the date and time instead of the current track. 

Why is this smartwatch better than others?

This is the most important question to ask yourself before you invest in a product. Smartwatches are all about convenience. They provide you with an interface that is small enough to wear and easy enough to use that you don’t even think about using it. The best smartwatch is the one that fits into your lifestyle the most. This is why the Apple Watch Series 2 was the smartwatch to beat in 2018.

The best smartwatch should be comfortable to wear for long periods of time and offer useful notifications without getting in your way. Most importantly, the best smartwatch should be one that works seamlessly with other Apple products, such as the iPhone, Mac, iPad, and HomePod.

The Apple Watch Series 2 provides all of that. Fitbit is a brand that is very popular in the health industry, and it’s Ace 3 is no exception. It has a lot of nice features to choose from, such as Fitbit Coach, Fitbit Premium subscription, and so on. But we decided to stick to the features that are actually helpful and useful. This smartwatch is best for those who need to know the time, track their activity, and connect with social networks. Fitbit Ace 3 Kids Smartwatch is a good choice of the best smartwatch under 100 dollars.


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Conclusion, Fitbit Ace 3 Kids Smartwatch – The Best Smartwatch Under 100 Conclusion The smartwatch market is quickly growing and evolving. It has seen a shift towards more of a fashion watch, especially as a watch for kids. The Fitbits Ace 3 Kids Smartwatch – The Best Smartwatch Under 100 Conclusion is one of the latest options in the market.

It is the perfect combination of a smartwatch and a fitness tracker. It allows the kids to monitor their activities and fitness without having to be charged at all times. This is a great watch for children who are trying to lose weight and get into shape.

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