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Kids Smart Band S9 Review: Best smart band for kids

Kids Smart Band S9

The best smart band for kids should be one that will keep the kids engaged while monitoring their movement and sleep, and that will be easy to use. This is exactly what the Kids Smart Band S9 delivers. Children these days are growing up faster and smarter than ever before. Kids Smart Band S9 Review: Best smart band for kids It’s time to introduce them to technology and help them become more engaged and connected. With Kids Smart Band, you get a kid-friendly smartwatch that connects to your child’s smartphone via Bluetooth.

It provides parents with the peace of mind they need to know their kids are safe and secure without having to continuously check on them. This review reveals all the best features of this wearable device, along with the pros and cons. In this Kids Smart Band S9 Review, we’re going to go through all the features and user experience, pros, cons, and overall rating of this smart bracelet. We’re also going to talk about why it’s so popular and why you should consider buying one.


A smartwatch for kids. It can monitor and track sleep quality, fitness, and heart rate, Smart watches are rapidly becoming a favorite gadget of teenagers and children. From the Apple Watch to the Samsung Gear S3, there are so many smartwatches for kids available today. The latest kid’s smartwatch is the Kids Smart Band S9 from SmartBandz. In this Kids Smart Band S9 Review, we’ll be taking a look at what makes it so great and whether or not it’s the best smartwatch for kids .

Kids Smart Band is a Bluetooth 4.0-enabled fitness wristband that helps to promote exercise and healthy habits. This smart band is equipped with several features including fitness tracking, a sleep tracker, a pedometer, and many more. We have been using the SmartBand for over six months now, and we think it is a great tool for monitoring our fitness goals and improving our sleep quality.


Kids Smart Band S9

While the band is not fully waterproof, it is able to be submerged in water for about 10 seconds, according to the company. When the water comes into contact with the bands, the sensor data is transmitted to the companion app. The app then calculates the data that has been sent in the form of steps walked, calories burned, distance traveled, and sleep. This isn’t exactly a design pattern, but there’s no reason you can’t apply it.

Designing for kids means not only designing for them but thinking about their needs and limitations (like how small their hands are). When designing a kid’s smart band, start with the basics: the shape of the device, materials used, the size of the band, the interface, etc.


The specification is one of the most important parts of any project or product, including the ones we build with our children. The specifications are what define the product and make it unique from all the other products on the market.

General Information — Hold Mi S9 

BrandHold Mi
TypeHold Mi S9 
Country of OriginMainland China
Special FeaturesIP67 Water Resistance
Supports swimming & rain

Display & Resolution

Screen Size1.44”  inch
Display TypeTFT Color 128 x 128 px
Digital Resolution (Pixels)128 x 128
TouchscreenIPS Touchscreen

Technical Data

Cellular NetworkYes
Dial ShapeRectangular
Dial TypeDigital
Camera 8W Pixel
Operating SystemAndroid 3.0 / iOS 6.0 or later

Hold Mi S9 — Features

Interchangeable StrapYes
Dust ResistantYes
Heart RateYes
Optical Heart SensorYes
Activity TrackerYes

Network & Connectivity

Wireless MethodBluetooth
Bluetooth VersionVer 4.0
Smartphone AppYes
App NameSetracker2
SIM CardSupport SIM Card


Battery CapacityLi-Po 400 mAh
Battery Life20 Days
Working Temperature-20~70℃
Charging MethodMagnetic Charging Base

Physical Description

Blue, Pink
Watch Dimension51.8 * 40.9 * 14.3mm
Weight43 g
Body MaterialABS + PC + Silicone

What’s New?

The Smart Band S9 for kids is the newest generation of the popular S8 line of smart bands. The new band features a built-in app that allows parents and kids to monitor activity, track health, and even set goals. With the latest iteration, the Smart Band S9 includes a built-in app that allows parents and kids to monitor activity, track health, and even set goals. Parents and kids can share activity data and health tracking information using the built-in app. The built-in app also provides parents with an easy way to set activity and health goals.

This is a wearable activity tracker that kids can wear all day long without having to recharge. When the kids get to school, they simply put it on and it will automatically begin tracking their activity over the course of the day. The Smart Band S9 provides the stats of the day such as steps taken, calories burned, active minutes, sleep quality, and even heart rate. This makes it ideal for parents to keep tabs on how their kids are sleeping and get a better understanding of their daily activities.

Pros & Cons

Smartwatch is a small portable electronic device that is able to send information wirelessly via its built-in internet connectivity and can receive information from external sensors. Unlike the wristwatches that are available on the market, this wearable gadget is able to track steps taken, calories burned, and heart rate, among others.

The smartwatch can also show you the current time and date, as well as some weather forecasts. However, there are a lot of cons that come with this watch. One of the main reasons is that it requires the user to connect to a smartphone in order to operate, which could be a hassle if the user doesn’t have access to such a device.


I have no idea if kids these days are smarter than kids a decade ago. But I do know that when I was a kid, I thought I had no idea what my parents and teachers were talking about when they kept telling me to “use my brain.” So why don’t we teach our kids the same thing? One reason is that we haven’t given them a vocabulary to talk about their mental processes. We talk about “thinking” without saying what thinking really is, and we talk about “being smart” without explaining what it means.

It’s true that kids are growing up faster, but that doesn’t mean they’re better equipped to handle the increased workload I found this kid’s smartwatch band on Amazon and it looks so good on my kid, especially if she wears a dress. I hope this can help you find a nice watch band for your kid.

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