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Tick Talk 4 4G Kids Smartwatch Review – A Gift That Keeps On Giving

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A smartwatch for kids is a great gift. And I mean any kid who loves technology. You can choose a gift for all ages with our huge selection of products. If you are looking for a smartwatch for a young one, this is a good choice. TickTalk is the perfect gift for every child, even if they are not yet into gadgets and technology. It is a combination of a smartwatch, a smartphone, a speaker, and a camera. Tick Talk 4 4G Kids Smartwatch Review – A Gift That Keeps On Giving The latest edition of the Tick Talk series is here.

The Tick Talk is a kid’s smartwatch, designed to be worn 24/7 so kids can track their fitness, sleep, and mood levels while they’re awake.


If you’re looking for a kid’s smartwatch that’s both simple to operate and highly educational, then you’re in luck. The TICK Talk 4 4G is packed with features that teach kids about math, science, and the alphabet, as well as how to read books, solve puzzles, play games, and even send messages.

It features a full-color screen and comes with a charging cradle, so it can be worn all day long without worrying about battery life. As a bonus, this smartwatch is waterproof, so kids can wear it when playing outside or while swimming. Now that you’ve seen the pros and cons of this kid’s smartwatch, check out the rest of our review by scrolling down!

In this review, I’m going to show you the full features of the TickTalk4 4G Kids Smart Watch and give you my thoughts about it.


Tick Talk 4 — General Information  

BrandTick Talk
ModelTick Talk 4
TypeTick Talk 4
Country of OriginChina
Special FeaturesTouchscreen, Video Calling, Bluetooth Enabled, Text/Messaging, Camera

Display & Resolution

Screen Size1.54 ″ inch
Display TypeTFT Touchscreen
Digital Resolution (Pixels)Optical Sensor Resolution

Technical Data

Cellular NetworkYes
Dial ShapeRectangular
Dial TypeDigital
Camera5MP forward-facing
5MP selfie
Button2 Button

Tick Talk 4 — Features

Interchangeable StrapYes
Dust ResistantYes
Sleep TrackingYes
Optical Heart SensorN/A
Activity TrackerYes

Network & Connectivity

Wireless MethodBluetooth
Bluetooth VersionVer 4.2


Battery CapacityLi-Po 1000 mAh
Battery Life15 Days
Working Temperature-20°C~45°C
Charging MethodMagnetic Charging Base

Physical Description

Titanium Black, Galaxy Blue, Laser Pink
Weight68 g
Band MaterialSilicone
Case MaterialPlastic

What Is the Tick Talk?

There are lots of devices designed for kids. But the TICK Talk by Tick Tech is one that ticks all the boxes – from its bright screen to its cool apps. There are two versions available: the TICK Talk 3 and the TICK Talk 4. The difference between the two is whether they feature 4G connectivity or not.

Both come with a 1.54 inches touchscreen and a microphone and speaker. The TICK Talk 4 includes 4G connectivity and allows kids to play music, watch videos, share photos and listen to audiobooks. It also includes a camera.

The TickTalk 4 4G Kids Smartwatch, developed by Ticktalk, is a smartwatch designed for kids between the ages of 2 and 12 years old.

How Does the Kids Smartwatch Work?

Tick Talk 4 (2)

So how does it actually work? The kid’s smartwatch allows parents to track their child’s activities using the smartphone app and can monitor both physical activity and sleep patterns. Using the phone app, parents can see exactly what their children are up to, whether it’s playing a game or doing homework.

The tracker also allows parents to see what their children are up to when they’re asleep, helping them catch any potential problems or situations. The best part of the watch is that it comes with a parent’s cell phone number and can even be used as a two-way device. Parents can easily call or text their children directly from the watch and vice versa.

What is the Best Smart Watch for Kids?

In an ideal world, I’d like for kids to wear a smartwatch all day long, every day. If they were all about staying active and healthy and keeping track of everything from their daily activities, then a smartwatch would be the perfect solution.

I also love that a smartwatch could be a part of a child’s overall fitness lifestyle. I’ve personally tested smartwatches for children and teens, and while there are a number of great options on the market, not all smartwatches are created equal. Here’s a quick list of criteria that should help you choose the best smartwatch for kids.

Tick Talk 4 4G Kids Smartwatch is the best smartwatch for kids. This article reviews the top 4G smart watches for kids that will help you get the best one for your child.

Pros and Cons 


  • Video calling, voice calling, and text messaging
  • Lots of parental controls   
  • Tough build quality
  • Attractive to kids 
  • Easy to use             


  • Very chunky design
  • Battery life is nothing special
  • Phone watches as a category feel like a solution in search of a problem


In conclusion, it may not be a necessity to have a full-fledged one as long as you are happy with the functions. Although I didn’t find the battery life to be very impressive, I did enjoy the built-in fitness tracking features and the fact that the watch itself is so lightweight and comfortable on my wrist.

That being said, it’s definitely a device that you should consider, especially if you are looking for something that can keep up with your kids while providing them with basic notifications, such as weather alerts, reminders, and more.

Finally, this watch is perfect for kids who have a busy lifestyle, or parents who want to know everything their children are doing at all times. It comes in different designs and colors, so you can choose what suits your kid’s personality.

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